When were stretch limousine invented?

It wasn't until 1928 that a Fort Smith, Arkansas company, called Armbruster, created the first “elastic limousine”. Its initial main use was to transport jazz celebrities and their big bands from one concert to another. In this regard, classic brands have developed impressive luxury limousines with cutting-edge technology, such as the Rolls Royce Phantom with Apple CarPlay devices, Bang & Olufsen premium sound, extreme connectivity and ambient lighting system. Therefore, the origin of limousines is based on incorporating protection for the coachman who recalled the capes of these peasants.

The technology now allows you to stretch the chassis of any vehicle and use it to build a limousine, and additional amenities can include reclining seats, dance sticks, televisions, illuminated floors, hot tubs and more. The word limousine is the feminine adjective formed from the word Limoges, which is the province of France that started it all. Because of the extravagant cost of having your own personal chauffeur, horses and a carriage at the time, the use of a limousine was associated with wealth and privilege from the start. In 1974, Armbruster-Stageway Coachbuilders partnered with Cadillac to build the first modern six-door superelastic limousine on a Cadillac chassis.

As technology continues to grow and expand, there's no doubt that the amenities and luxury available with limousines will also continue to grow. That changed in 1928, when the Arkansas company Armbruster decided to stretch a vehicle to make it easier for big bands and their entire team to travel. The limousine has a history even before cars were invented and the first stretched limousine for cars dates back almost 100 years. Starting in the 1930s, elastic limousines began to be used both to mark the debut of a Hollywood superstar and to provide transportation from the airport to the hotel and for sightseeing tours.

And that's how the elastic limousine was born, although at this time they were commonly known as “big band buses”. The word limousine actually comes from the French word “limousine”, which was an ancient province full of farmland and shepherds. The shepherds who were at the base of breeding this main species of cattle wore long coats associated with the prestigious means of transport that is now called LIMOUSINE. Since the social status of the owners of these cars was very high, they considered it desirable for the limousine driver to have a special qualification, which gave rise to the driver as a specialized profession.

These superelastic limousines became the new transportation standard for funeral cars, security transportation, presidents, corporate leaders and movie stars. Nowadays, “limousine” usually refers to an elastic limousine, in which several passengers can ride in a large cabin in the back of the vehicle.

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