What brands are limousines?

Because determining the most luxurious limousines in the world is not as simple as finding the most expensive ones, the following is a look at the twelve most expensive limousines known today, based on their entry-level prices. This review is strictly limited to brands that also manufacture the limousine versions of their base cars. Start your free trial today. Limousines are already quite an exclusive vehicle, but these luxurious trips take the idea of luxury to a whole new level.

The sole purpose of a limousine is extravagance and luxury. These vehicles don't exist out of necessity and, as such, they have the right to be as ridiculous and luxurious as we want them to be. While limousines of all shapes and sizes can easily be rented for special occasions and to show off, the ones on this list somehow really manage to up the ante. The same car used to transport the President of the United States of America himself, and of all presidential vehicles over the years, this is the most luxurious and safest.

It replaces the previous presidential vehicle, often referred to as The Beast. In the late 80s, a renowned car collector named Jay Ohrberg created the longest and equally ridiculous and impressive limousine in history: The American Dream. At about 100 feet in length, this limousine includes every conceivable luxury feature and much more. This vehicle completely rejects the concept of a traditional limousine and takes things to another level, literally.

Holding the record for the largest and heaviest limousine in history (weighing approximately 50,000 pounds), the Midnight Rider covers an area of 416 square feet and has multiple lodging areas connected by stairs, including three seating areas with individual bars. There's the regular Pullman and then there's this ridiculously expensive and bombproof Guard version, designed only for the most prestigious people, such as heads of state or high-ranking government officials. It was created to offer top-notch luxury and impressive performance, while being able to withstand a terrorist attack. No luxury car list is complete without a Rolls.

And, thankfully, the renowned custom limousine store LimousinesWorld now offers Rolls Royce's flagship model, the Phantom, expanded 30 inches and upgraded to become one of the world's most supreme and luxurious limousines. They call it Rolls Royce Limousine Phantom - VIP Edition. I would be remiss if we hadn't included this incredibly expensive and, at the same time, ridiculous custom limousine in our list. As ridiculous as it sounds, the whole concept of this limousine is very well thought out, with a beautiful and luxurious interior and an extremely striking exterior.

It's totally legal on the street, by the way. This heavy-duty armored G63 is delivered by a Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer called INKAS. In addition to the original powerful G63 wagon, the company added a full bulletproof coating (including windows and bulletproof tires) and a large, luxurious rear cabin with reclining leather seats with a view on the TV with 4K resolution through a refrigerated bar. It also includes an impressive 5.5-liter V8 that sends a 563-horsepower stampede to big wheels.

With a long distance to the ground, the G63 limousine will allow you to go anywhere unharmed and in style. A sedan limousine is compact, large and can accommodate three or four passengers. This is also one of the most cost-effective limousines you can choose for traveling. You are mainly hired by business or business travelers to travel from the airport to other locations or to attend conferences.

By traveling in this car, you can leave an impact on your customers without much effort. In addition, it's an excellent alternative to a taxi if you want to get to your destination on time and in style. An SUV limousine is suitable if you are planning to go on a road trip with your friends or a family vacation in the countryside. This car is larger than a sedan limousine and has a fully equipped bar, a multimedia area with television and audio systems and a long trunk for storing bags and strollers for children.

As it is a perfect combination of space, comfort and style, it can also be rented for graduation nights. This is because this latest event is usually an occasion where women wear elaborate dresses that can easily fit in the car. In addition to traveling comfortably, you can also enjoy champagne and arrive at the place in style. A limousine bus, also known as a party bus, is much more than a normal limousine.

It can accommodate more than thirty passengers, making it the largest of all other types. This vehicle also has an adequate bathroom, upholstered and leisure sofas, strobe lights, poles, fully equipped bars, drinking areas, nightclub floor and lights. This is the perfect transport if you want to organize a party on moving wheels instead of going to bars, since you have it all on this bus. You can choose this for your bachelorette party or birthday.

As the name suggests, an elastic limousine is the stretched version of a sedan. It provides seating for more than four passengers and this seating arrangement is usually on the sides and rear, depending on the interior. There are other special features such as bars, champagne glasses, LED lights, audiovisual systems and more. In addition, this vehicle has a window that separates the driver's seat from the passengers.

The operation of this window can be controlled by passengers and the driver with the push of a button. That said, this mode of transportation provides sufficient privacy for passengers, making it appropriate for weddings, proms and date nights. A Hummer limousine looks rugged and exhibits a rugged appearance. It can easily accommodate more than a dozen people due to its enormous capacity.

From televisions, casino slots and video games to bars, there are many facilities that cyclists enjoy. Because of its tough appearance, this type of limousine is generally hired by men, as they can play poker on the way and have a good time before arriving at the venue. If you're looking forward to renting this vehicle for your bachelorette party or a friend's, get ready to enjoy all the attention once you get out of it. .


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