Is limo and limousine the same thing?

The limousine can be a city car, a sedan, a mini SUV, an SUV, a flexible fuel, a hybrid, or an elastic limousine. Even party vans and buses count like limousines when provided by a limousine company and are equipped with appliances and have a professional chauffeur. The rich have long been transported by chauffeurs in a private cabin, hidden from the general public. As a result, limousine is a general term rather than one that designates a particular type of vehicle.

What exactly is a limousine? For many people, the word limousine evokes the image of an incredibly long car with lots of dark-colored windows. In reality, a limousine can be as simple as a nice Lincoln Town Car. There is no standard limousine make or model; instead, the word refers to a vehicle that has a larger compartment in the rear half of the car than an average car. To call a car a limousine, you really only need a good car that has a lot of legroom in the back compartment.

It also helps if you have a driver or driver who drives the car for you while you relax in the back. Once a conversion company adds weight to the original vehicle, previous FMVSS tests are canceled and the company must perform new tests to prove that its limousines meet federal standards. But today, there are other types of elastic limousines available, including six, eight and ten packs. Practically every limousine has a bar or a display cabinet that contains enough alcohol to hold a bustling bachelor party for hours.

Because of its length, it's not easy to get in and out of a super elastic limousine, so many now come with rear side doors. We're going to try some of the services you can find in most limousines, as well as some more exotic options. Because of this, limousines can be identified by the glass screen that divides the driver's seat from the passenger area. There are hundreds of limousine services in the United States that rent limousines and provide drivers to the general public.

You can rent a limousine with plasma-screen televisions, DVD players, surround sound systems with theatrical quality speakers, satellite radio and video game consoles. Defining the difference between a limousine and an elastic limousine is the beginning for many couples trying to cross an ocean of information. A premium vehicle, whether it's an elastic limousine or a sedan, is called a limousine if it's driven by a chauffeur. While the term “limousine” can be used to refer to all types of limousine-type transport cars, including the classic “elastic limousine”, the same is not the case the other way around.

In general, limousines consume terrible gas consumption, although it varies from vehicle to vehicle (and even a Lincoln limousine from one company can get a lot different mileage than another company's Lincoln). As elastic limousines became more popular, other companies began to enter the market, converting everything from classic luxury vehicles to high-end sports cars and SUVs.

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